How to Recover Deleted Files from Mac


Trash in Mac Operating system is similar to Recycle Bin in Windows OS, where the files that are deleted from the finder of Mac OS are temporarily stored.

Generally, Trash is an invisible folder in the Mac OS, which is located at the root level of the drive. When you keep a file in the Trash, it is temporarily stored in the invisible folder of your home directory.

Each user has its own trash folder, where the deleted files are temporarily stored. You are not able to view or access .trash folder directly from the Mac OS GUI.

You cannot manually allocate the size of Trash, The OS itself automatically allocates the size of the Trash.

If you want to know the total size of the contents of Trash then you need to open Trash, select all files and then click on get info.

Recover Deleted Files
In Windows, I can recover the deleted files using file recovery software. Similarly, in Mac OS X, Is any software available or are any other options available?

It is depends, uMacsoft File RecoveryuMacsoft Studio has developed File Recovery software for MAC,

Key features are as below:
No matter you want to undelete photos, images, pictures, document, video, music or other important data on your Mac hard drive, external hard drive, memory card, digital camera, this undelete software can meet your demand.

More deleted cases such as delete file from trash, delete partitions, download fold which contains important files on Mac.


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