Jewellery stores have an elegant ambiance and emphasize on maintaining a luxurious atmosphere. Shopping for jewellery is quite an amazing experience, and the store assistants are always at their formal best.

They showcase an exquisite range of recommendations and suggest which jewelry to purchase, based on the occasion mentioned by the customer. The stores usually have glass and wood-based interiors, with fluorescent bulbs placed appropriately. The light reflects on the gold and makes the jewellery sets look grand and sparkly.

This appeals to the buyer, who becomes even more eager to make the purchase. However, with almost every business setting shop and conducting its day-to-day operations online, how could the jewelry contingent be left behind?

Today, various top brands and upcoming retailers have introduced the novel concept of online jewellery shopping, via their own website or in partnership with leading online shopping portals.

These portals have a huge portfolio of jewellery products which will spoil you for choice – right from the basic 18k gold pendant, to the expensive diamond studded 24k gold necklace.

One can view the product from every dimension, and the product specifications are also provided alongside. The websites usually provide a manufacturer and product authenticity guarantee, known as the Hallmark Certificate.

They also ensure safe home delivery and provide a range of payment options, that make the process a very convenient one indeed.

The wide population of branded jewelry dealers have already witnessed a huge rise in the demand of their products online, and are now formulating ad campaigns promoting the same.

Not just gold, but also the demand for diamond jewellery is on the rise.

The trade numbers are estimated around Rs. 250 crores to Rs. 300 crore at present, and are expected to grow at approximately 100 percent per year.

Indian as well as imported diamond jewellery of almost every type, shape, size, and the price range is sold and customers can choose to have the preferred one delivered to their doorstep.

The founder of a leading online jewelry retailer says “It is mostly branded, gem-studded, jewellery for fashion, lightweight designs and their utility that fuels the demand for jewellery throughout the year.

And with the importance of gold jewellery amongst the Indian culture, the online business is bound for success.

Little did anyone know, that there would be a day when the internet would be used for purchasing something as valuable and delicate as gold and diamond jewellery.

But, considering that most Indians prefer the usual touch, feel and try process before making any expensive purchases, there are innumerable hurdles that these online Indian gold jewelry retailers have yet to overcome.


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